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1 The full-length aluminium chassis gives the rifle a rugged, environmentally stable platform to enhance accuracy and zero retention. The action is attached to the stock by two bolts (supplied)* and retained in a self-aligning vee block bedding system. *See your rifle handbook for the fixing bolt torque settings.

2 Chassis kits come with a bolt on butt pad together with two spacers, one of 0.4ins (10mm) and the other or 0.8ins (20mm).

3 One Accuracy International designed five shot detachable steel magazine is included. it improves feeding and is quicker to reload than a floor plate design.

4 Four sling swivel attachment points, two per side are fitted enabling the rifle to be carried flat against the back for added comfort.

5 The chassis has integral fixing points for bipods to suit both Accuracy International and Harris™ designs.

6 Optional folding stock: reduces overall length by 8ins (210mm) when folded and adds 0.4lb (0.2kg). Ideal for rapid deployment from a vehicle, the stock locks in the folded position for security and to avoid noise. Released by simply pulling on the butt, the wear compensated hinge ensures total rigidity in the extended position.

7 Adjustable cheek piece: adjusts left/right as well as for height to obtain optimum cheek position when using night vision equipment or telescopic sights with large objective lenses.

AICS Upgrade Kits Stock Type Stockside Type Cheekpiece Type Short Action
Long Action
Stage 1.5 Straight Black Adjustable  £735.00  £760.00
Straight Green Adjustable  £735.00  £760.00
Straight Flat Dark Earth Adjustable   £735.00  £760.00
Stage 2 Folding Green Adjustable  £925.00  £935.00
Folding Black Adjustable  £925.00  £935.00
Folding Flat Dark Earth Adjustable  £925.00  £935.00

AICS AT Mags :

10 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £70.00
5 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £70.00
5 shot AICS magazine (long action) - Price: £110.00
10 shot AICS magazine (long action) - Price: £110.00

New steel .223 magazine  £80.00

AX Green

AX Tan


AX Black


AICS AT Stocks for Remington 700


Accu-shot BT08QK (Quick Knob) Rear Monopod: For AW series rifles and AICS kits. Push button quick release "quick knob"

OLD SPEC AW / AICS : £185.00

NEW SPEC AT / AICS £185 + £55 adapter kit

Fitting £20

Sniper Systems Bipod

with tilt and lock pod



AI / TAB sling - Green / Black kaki

£65 - £95.00 - QD

£65.00 - £95.00 - Flush cup QD

This picture demonstrates the AT fully adjustable version with cheek rest, butt pads & butt spike and folding stock


Butt Spacers: 0.4ins (10mm),

0.8ins (20mm) and 1.6ins (40mm)

thickness. Fit in any combination

to adjust stock length.
£20.00 each

Target Butt Pad: allows butt height

and angle to be adjusted to suit the user.


Accessories & Upgrades


AICS AX Mags :

10 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £70.00
5 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £70.00
5 shot AICS magazine (long action) - Price: £110.00
10 shot AICS magazine (long action) - Price: £110.00

Adjustable Cheek piece Finger Adjust Screws: Allows adjustment of adjustable cheek piece on AW series weapons without the use of an Allen wrench.

New! - Accuracy International Bipod

Also suitable to fit AICS, AICS AX, AE and AW series rifles.

Bipod: £275.00
AICS AX Adapter £75
AI Bubble Level - Weaver / Picatinny:
Also available with 12mm dovetail for AW series. Must have "anti cant" aid

Price: £45.00
Angle Cosine Indicator: For uphill / downhill shooting angles. Supplied with full instructions.
Price: £80.00

Mounting Bracket Accuracy Rifle Dovetail: £60.00
Mounting Bracket M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Rail: £60.00
 Action Rail for AT / AX stocks
0 MOA     £65
20 MOA   £65



AICS Green

AICS Black

Recomended Build List

Need help deciding what gun to go for what stock to pick? Let me help you with our recommended built list, this is a list of gear i recommend for everything from short to long distance target shooting :
Ok well the 1st part of this process is to choose you rifle, you can choose any Remington 700 but pick the correct rifle for the purpose you want it for.

For target shooting from 100 to 1000m i recommend the Remington 700 SPS Varmint  .308 the varmint has a much thicker barrel lending its self to better accuracy and comes with a 26" barrel giving you much more accuracy over longer distances. This rifle  comes with an x pro trigger which is ok to get you going but for true accuracy upgrade to one of our match triggers

The next part of the build is choosing your stock from the above list either the AW or new AX its basically down to looks and comfort so go for the one you like the look or feel most comfy holding - thumb hole or pistol grip then choose your color and either folding style or fixed, both stocks are very comfy to shoot.

The next part of the build is choosing your accessories of which there are many and for ultimate accuracy i would recommend the below build list but you don't have to buy it all at once so don't be put off by the price as you can simply add items later :)

The above is enough to get you started other than a scope of your choice. Below are the extra we recommend for that ultimate target rifle :)

GRAND TOTAL                                                     £2785 / £2806 - Ultimate Sniper Beast

Other add ons are available and depending on your requirements are useful for helping with accuracy but the above built list is the most common kit list ordered for general target shooting, i hope this helps you make your decision.

The next part of accuracy comes from skill and choosing the right ammunition, we can offer training courses on accuracy and advise you on the correct ammunition or home loads to set you on the right path to accuracy. Please get in touch to order or spec you perfect build.

AI Sniper cheek rest
Comes on stock as standard but
can be ordered as a spare or replacement

£110.00 - Rest
£10.00 - Screws

Welcome to our AI or accuracy international Page. We are suppliers of AI rifles accessories and equipment. One of the biggest sellers for AI is the AI Remington 700 stock upgrade system, this stock allows you to take a regular Remington 700 and drop it into the AI stock giving you an instant accuracy upgrade and 5 or 10 shot box magazine fantastic..available in 2 styles and 3 colors to choose from.


Short Action £1175

Long Action £1245

Match firing pin
 Aluminum body / steel tip
reduces lock time by 39%
£85 / £15 fitting

Rifle Basix Trigger + safety

 l-1k 8 - 24Oz  £140

AICS AX Stocks for Remington 700


This is the Latest generation of the AICS family of stocks for the Remington 700 platform and in my opinion is the best one yet, as above it is available in folding only in 3 different colors

A combat proven feature of all our sniper rifles is the polymer and alloy chassis (not merely a stock), which provides the rigidity, strength and durability necessary to provide a stable, rugged platform for the barreled action in all weather and in any environment.

Accuracy International Chassis Systems bring the ergonomic and functional benefits of our latest advanced AX and AT sniper rifle systems to the Remington 700 platform.

In the ATAICS and particularly in the AXAICS, these benefits are delivered with degrees of modularity and configurability that cannot be achieved with any traditional stock. Quick and easy to install and requiring no specialized gunsmithing, both chassis systems are available for short and long Remington 700 actions in .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum families of cartridges.

Today’s snipers need to rule the battlefield day and night. AI Chassis Systems make that more achievable.


Below are a few pics sent in by customers of their remmys i have built for them to give you an idea of whats possible...enjoy

Rem 700 308 2012 AX

Rem 700 308 2012 AX

Full system

Rem 700 308 2014 AX

Rem 700 308 2014 AX

with cerakote

Rem 700 308 2012 AW

Rem 700 308 2012 AW

Rem 700 308 Standard stock


Steve :

Along with supplying the British defence Daniel also supplies a big one man army cough cough me lol just fitted my new AI stock can not wait to get out and give it a go. 10/10 for service yet again. Cheers mate


My fantastic new Rem 700 in Ai stock built by dan, fantastic gun fantastic service and done at a time when no one else could supply gun or stock..brilliant

Click the pic for the amazing video of this rifle
My latest creation, Rem 700 .308 varmint 26" screw cut with
Ai AX stock in tan with valmont crown comp firing pin RB trigger tuned with ai 20moa scope rail mtc scope, hardy recoil reducing mod sniper systems bipod, ohhhh yes
Here we have a Rem 700 sps 26" varmint screw cut with crown, in the new AI AT stock in 308 with sniper systems bipod AI 20moa scope rail system, xmark pro fettled trigger.

Rem 700 223 2016 AX


Rem 700 308 2016 AT - Green


Rem 700 308 2016 AT folding - tan

Pistol Grip Conversion Kit
Converts back to the old style thumb hole : Kit contains both side panels mid panel fixings and attachments £100

AX Butt Spike £265

Rem 700 308 2016 AX  - Full Green


Short Action £1175

Long Action £1245


High £65.00 ( AW AX stocks )
Ultra High QD £150.00 ( AX with ext rail )

Tier one unimount from £265.00


M11 Muzzle Brake

Brake £170

Fitting & Timing £130

(this includes screw cut re crown & timing washers)


Phoenix Bipod & Adapter