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Welcome to our Blank firing guns page, these guns are all high end replicas of the original firearms but can only fire blanks !

To comply with the VCR act and UK laws the guns are painted orange, we do also have all black guns but you will need a good reason for having one, such as a UKARA or re enactment license, theatrical use and have supporting documentation or other such supporting documentation to justify you owning it. However anyone can buy the orange version with ID and over the age of 18

GAP 8mm Glock

GAP 8mm Glock

Model 92 8mm

Fiochi 8mm Blanks sold in 2 packs of 50  - 100 = £45
These guns are kept in a secure location and are shipped to your home address shipping fees are £15 by secure firearms currier, you will need to send us a copy of your ID and for the all black pistols a valied defence for the VCR act such as UKARA or RIF licence

Please note : Cancelled orders will incure a £20 return shipping fee and a £20 re stock fee