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Welcome to our scope & scope mounts page, we offer a number of scopes from different manufacturers carefully selected for quality and reliability but also customer service and warranty

With this in mind please have a look below at the offerings from
a few of our favourite scope providers, with changing $ and € rates it is hard for us to put a price on the site so just note the item your interested in and drop us a line or e mail and we will price it up and get you an eta for delivery


Nikko Sterling Match

Weaver / Dovetail Scope rings
1" or 30mm
Low / Medium / High / Extra High

 £20 per set

Hawke Weaver Scope rings
1" or 30mm
Low or Medium

Black £20
Silver £20

Nikko Sterling Platinum

Weaver / Dovetail Scope rings
1" / 30mm
Low / Medium / High / Extra High

£20 per set

Warne Weaver Scope rings
High end rings for the professional shooter

We supply the full range from Warne, please contact us with your requirements for a price

from £56.00 - £198.00 Price
20 Moa Rails from £120

We are very pleased to offer you Shmidt & Bender scopes, these scopes are really top of the range and that just cant be argued with, have a look at the range of scopes on offer and if you see one you like the look and spec on we can price you up, or if your not sure just let us know what your looking for and we will speak to the experts and get the right one for you


Honeycomb Anti Glare Filter for S&B 56mm Objective Lens PM II Series
for the real snipers out there

Third Eye Tactical Unimount with in-built Bubble Level £255 / £265


Precision made on 5 axis CNC machinery. All Rings are made from Aluminium 7075T6 and are available in medium and high configurations. At present, rings are available in the following styles: Medium Height / High Height

Available in: 0, 10, 20, 30 or 40 MOA and for scope tube diameters 30 - 34 & 35mm

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Unimount Levellers - A Leveller is included with your Unimount. Precision made from alloy. To use - Simply slide on to unimounts MOA rail slot. Slide forward until it touches the scope base. Push further until the leveller is square with the base of the scope. Then secure the scope