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This section of the site is all about "Re Loading". Here you will find lots of different items for the everyday shooter. We supply so many different products its impossible to get them all on the site, so if you can not see what you require just give us a call visit the shop or drop us an e mail.

We supply the full range of MTM products, to many to list here please click the picture to visit MTM then contact us with your order.

MTM 6 choke tube case


Universal Rifle Cleaning Brush.

Double Ended M16


Or our own Brand single brush £1.00


Modern Reloading

by Richard Lee 2012 New Version


Birchwood Casey Synthtic Gun Oil with Teflon Lubricant.


Hornady Handheld Primer.

Does Standard & Magnum Primers


Lee Case Length Gauge
(cal specific)


BRUNOX Turbo Spray.

Cleans protects restores

(Carbon, Copper, Lead)

300ml Spray £7.00

Butchs Bore Shine.

(price for Medium bottle)


Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber.

(professional Size Cleaner)


A-Zoom .17HMR & .22 Dummy Testing Rounds

£10.00 per pack

4"x2" 25m Cleaning Cloth.
10.00 each

G96 Silicone Cleaning Cloth.


Birchwood Casey

Lead Remover Cloth.


Lyman 1200 Turbo Twin Tumbler


Lyman Products.

Brass Polish 20oz £19.00

Media Re activator 20oz £19.00

Parker Hale Rods

22 £20
22 + £20
Pro Shot Brushes.
Nylon & Phosphor Bronze
£4.00 each
Adapter / Converter
£6.00 each
Lee Shell Holders
(for use with lee presses)
£4.50 each

Lee Shell Holders
(for use with hand prime tool)
£4.50 each

Perma Blue
Bluing Kit, Blue remover, De Greaser & Re Blue plus accessories
Jack Pyke Shotgun Cleaning Kit
2 x Wool Mops 1 x Brush + Brass Rods
(.410g .16 .20g .12g)
MTM Universal Funnel Kit
Lee Single funnel £5.00
Lyman Case Lube
(to stop cases sticking in your press while re loading)

Advanced Lithium Bore Light
.17 to .50 Cal
MTM Rifle Cleaning Center

Lee Bench Primer tool



Lee Classic Cast Press

£110.00 / Breechlock £ 125.00

Lee Classic Turret Press



Lee Press Heads

3 & 4 Hole

£12.00 each

New MTM Universal Reloading Tray
Original MTM Universal
Reloading Tray

Lee Bench mount for Lee Presses


Lyman Gen5 Powder Scales 2017 Model Touch Screen
Click for more info

Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit

Press, scales, powder dispenser & more


Lyman Easy Flow Adjustable Trickler
Did you ever wonder how the pros get such accurate groupings ?

Well im going to tell you...its all about correct bullet length for your particular rifle and chamber..and its very easy to achieve once you know the secret.........
Hornady LNL OAL Gauge and Bullet Comparator
For max accuracy you need consistent bullet position relative to the start of the barrel's rifling. You can set this by trial and error, but it is much easier (and more repeatable) to use the Hornady O.A.L. Gauge to measure case length with the bullet ogive just touching the lands. When combined with a Bullet Comparator (with caliber-specific insert), you can also very quickly measure case base to ogive for any loaded round.
The Hornady system (formerly Stoney Point) consists of the O.A.L. Gauge, a red aluminum tube with a plastic internal pusher rod, and a "Modified Case", a case that has been bored and threaded at the base. This screws on to the end of the O.A.L. Gauge, and is sold separately by caliber. Though not essential, we also strongly recommend you get a Hornady Bullet Comparator. This Comparator attaches to the jaws of your calipers and lets you make readings off the bullet ogive.
When using the unit, you should take measurements from 3 or 4 different bullets (in each box), since there will be minor bullet to bullet variances. It also takes a little practice to get the right "feel" for putting the bullet in contact with the lands. We go for a fairly firm seat, sliding the bullet until we feel resistance, then tapping a couple times on the gray rod while holding the Red Gauge body firmly against the mouth of the chamber. That usually gives very consistent results, if you start with a clean bore. When repeatedly measuring with the same bullet, the OAL normally is within .001", 8 times out of 10.

We've also found it helps improve results if, prior to measuring, you insert the tool with the Modified Case attached until it fits flush with the outside of the chamber, then rotate it a bit clockwise and counter-clockwise. That tends to remove any fouling build up. Also every time you measure with the tool, make sure the Modified Case is screwed on tight. It can tend to unscrew a bit as you remove the tool from your rifle's chamber. If the Modified Case is not fully seated on the O.A.L. Gauge, measurements will vary.

The next point is important--we recommend you keep a 36" piece of wood dowel in the bore. This helps seat the bullet more consistently and it lets you tap the bullet out easily if it sticks in the lands. Since firm contact with the lands produces the most repeatable measurements, you really need to have a long dowel handy. A cleaning rod will work in a pinch, but it is more likely to harm the delicate crown of your rifle. Stoney Point's "Tech Tips" confirms: "When using the OAL Gauge we have found the most accurate results come when using a wooden dowel inserted through the muzzle of the firearm. This allows you to 'sandwich' the bullet between the dowel and the bullet push-rod in the OAL Gauge. Then it's easy to jockey the bullet back and forth as you feel the 'stick-point' of the bullet on the rifling. Lock in this 'stick-point' for repeatable results." Just be sure you remove the dowel before you shoot the rifle!

Another benefit of the Stoney Point measuring system, if you keep good records, is that you can track throat erosion. Often you will find OAL to lands grows .003-006" very quickly in the first 100 rounds or so as burrs or chatter-marks polish out, but then it stabilizes. But regular use of the OAL gauge will let you "chase the lands" to keep bullet position constant relative to the entrance to the rifling.

This may all sound a little complicated but believe me its dead easy to do once you know
how.. i will show anyone how to do this in store.. just give me a call before you come so i can make sure i have the correct case and inserts for your cal ready..any questions just ask...
After this is done and your have made and tested new rounds to the correct length compare then to the old groupings you got then come and thank me :) !!!

Below are all the parts you need

Comparator Body

Bullet Ogive Body

Modified cases

OAL Measuring Arm (straight or curved)
£42.00 - Straight - bolt actions
£48.00 - Curved - semi autos / underleavers

Digital Calipers

*Prices very on special cals

Muzzle Magic 16oz Black Powder Solvent

Lyman 1200 Turbo Tumbler with FREE CLEANING MEDIA


MTM belt pouch

great for pellets or .22 ammo


RADAR - Cordula
Bolt Holster

RADAR - Leather
Bolt Holster

A-Zoom Snap Caps
(various cals)
£10.00 for standard cals


Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Tumbler


Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum

Auto Flo Tumbler



Lee Case Chamfer Tool


Lee Primer Pocket Cleaning Tool



Lee Case Trimmer Tool


Lyman Gunsmith Brass Tapper Hammer & Drift Punch

Hornady "Handbook of Cartridge Reloading: 8th Edition" Reloading Manual



Lyman "Handbook of Cartridge Reloading:49th Edition" Reloading Manual


Vihtavuori Reloading Manual 4th Edition Book



Lee Perfect powder measure


MTM .50 BMG Ammo Can (lockable)
Ideal Range Dry Box

Lyman Corn Cob Tumbler Media
£14 x 2.25 Lb
£14 x 2.25lb plain

Lyman Tufnut Tumbler Media
£14 x 3 Lb
Lyman Flash Hole uniformer tool

Lee Ultimate reloading dies

(replaces deluxe sets)


4 set Rifle £52.00
4 set Pistol £49.50

Pro Shot Bore Guides

Lee Breech lock Challenger Press



Lee Pro 1000

Complete for your caliber



Lee Load Master

Complete for your caliber



Lee Hand Press


Lee Reloader Press



Lyman Case Trimmer

standard cals



Lee Auto Disk  powder measure


Birch wood Casey touch up pens for firearms and scopes

Glass Black £8.00
Flat Black £8.00

Lyman Primer Pocket Uniformer
SAMMI Spec large or small
£20.00 each

Lyman outside chamfer tool
Lyman inside chamfer tool VLD
for smoother bullet seating
*We will measure the OAL of your rifle for £10 in store - please call to book in

Lens Pen - Black or Cammo
Fantastic for cleaning scopes or Lenses in the field

MTM Labels 100 pack

Small - 5.00


Lee reloading stand*


*concrete block not included

bench plate system is included

Pro Shot Action & Chamber Cleaning Kit - universal

Lee Lock ring eliminator

£13.00 per set 2


Lyman Case Prep Center



Lyman Case prep multi tool


Hornady one shot resizing wax
professional resizing wax
Forster Neck Graphiter
Prevents case neck stretching when re sizing .22 to .30 cal
Peltor Sportac electronic
 shooters ear defenders
Peltor High quality shooting glasses
Birchwood Casey
Universal Gun Grease
Lyman Shot Shell Reloading
 Target Spot 1" 12 Sheets Pk 216 x 1"     £6
Target Spot 1.5" 12 sheets Pk 96 x 1.5"  £6
Target Spot Assortment  12 sheet Pk      £6
Target Spot Medium Pk                          £6
Target Spot Larger Pk                             £6
Shoot N C glow targets as above            £6

Lee Ergo Auto Prime Kit
New style £41.00

Lyman Gen6 Powder Scales 2017 Model Touch Screen
Click for more info


Lee Load all for shotguns



Lee Universal De Cap dies



Lyman Accu Case Trimmer

for large cals up to .50



Lee Auto Disk  powder measure

micrometer adjuster add on


Lee Safety Primer Feed


Birchwood Casey
Tru Oil £6.50
Stock Wax £8.00

NEW - Bore tech

Copper remover

16oz £34

NEW - Bore tech

Bore Cleaner

16oz £36.50

Lyman Accu Touch 2000 Powder Scales 2017 Model 
Click for more info

Lyman Micro Touch 1500 Powder Scales 2017 Model 
Click for more info


Lee .50 BMG

re loaders kit £245.00

Pilot & Shell holder £19.00

Cutter & Lock stud £10.00

Lee Quick Trim Deluxe
trims, deburs and chamfers your cases in one move
Lee Quick Trim die
cal specific

Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gage


Lyman Pro Touch 1500 Powder Scales 2017 Model 
Click for more info


We are ow supplying the full range of equipment from RCBS

please click on the link to visit rcbs and not any products or codes you wish to order and contact us for a price and availability

Lee Breech Lock Classic cast Reloading Kit

Press, scales, powder dispenser & more


Peltor Sportac hygiene kit
Paradox Shotgun cleaner 12g
Top Shot Kinetic Hammer
does from .17-.50
MTM Gun Rest
Remington Cleaning and
Anti Rust Cloth
Remington Gun Sock with anti rust
NEW Lyman Cyclone brass cleaner
For a limited time only - FREE Stainless steel media pins
HUGE Price drop just £255 while stock lasts

Click for video
NEW Lyman Cyclone brass cleaner
For a limited time only - FREE Stainless steel media pins
HUGE Price drop just £230 while stock lasts

Lee Quick Trim Deluxe Power
trims, deburs and chamfers
Converter for original manual £12.00