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Welcome to our Inert Ammo page, here you will find a list of ammo that is legal for anyone to own as it is inert or de activated, this means it can not be fired but is great for display use and makes a great talking point. Most of this ammo is made by us from once fired cases and has a fired primer in the bottom and bullet head in the top. We will add more Inert rounds as we get time to make

them up and add them to the site.

Lapua .338 Magnum round with

Lapua 300gr Head and Primers

£6.00 each

.303 British - As used in WW1 & 2 by British forces

£3.00 each

Enfield Martini Henry .577/450 Inert Rounds (anyone can own)

These are very high end Inert rounds made from high quality Bertram cases fitted with inert primers, the bullet head is a precise replica of the original bullet head 480gr cast by me and mixed to the correct hardness (11BHN)



.50 BMG Inert Round

This is a polished and cleaned 50 cal case and head with primer

(high quality) no tarnish

£10 each