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We are Full BASC Trade Members. We feel very strongly about Shooting & Conservation in the UK and BASC is the perfect partner to help carry our voices and support us all.

We get asked 2 questions quite often : Where are the local shooting clubs and how do i join...???

Well as i always say we are here to help and support YOU so this page is all about the answers to these very important questions... As you know we are based in Sheffield so the clubs listed below are located around or near us or clubs we associate with and recommend. Some clubs dont appear on the list as we DO NOT recommend them.

1st things 1st to own a firearm you need a license known as an FAC (firearms certificate) or SGC (shotgun certificate) to get this you must apply to your local police force firearms licensing dept.

Before you apply for one you must be a member of a shooting club, most clubs ask you to join as a probationer, you must make so many visits in a set time (depending on which club you join the rules are slightly different) once this time has passed and they are happy your safe and competent you will be made a full member at which time you can apply to the police for your own FAC or SGC.

Once granted this will allow you to purchase you own firearms or shotguns (you can store them at home you do not store them at the club) Which is why you need a gun safe. When you join a club they will give you guidance on how to operate and become proficient in shooting and safety and also help you apply for you FAC once your a full member.

So your 1st step is finding a local shooting club and going for a visit.. Below is a list of shooting clubs in and around the Sheffield area or clubs we have visited and highly recommend. Every club is different some shoot small bore .22 some shoot full bore .223 up to .50cal some shoot a mix of cals and disciplines (standing, sitting, bench rest, prone) so its a good idea to visit a few and find one that suits you and what you want to get out of your club: We hope this has helped.

click the below logos to visit the clubs websites

Please click the logo to visit CLSTA Club website where you can find all the latest information.

County of Lancaster Smallbore Target Shooting Association

Police Contact Information & FAC Application Packs


Click the logo to open a new FAC application

The information below is for Shooters falling under the South Yorkshire Police area if your living in another area you will need to contact your own police force for the relevant information.


Grove Small Arms Club


Grove Small Arms Club

Paul Budd (Secretary)

Tel: 01953497021

Please click me


Diggle PSSA Club

(Diggle Manchester)

A fantastic club with outstanding facilities, they have ranges from 20m to 1000m and cater for everything from .22 right up-to .338.

Please click the logo to visit their site.

To join E-mail:


The Tunnel TSC

Axminster Road


The Tunnel TSC



Derby 1999 Rifle & Pistol Club


Please click the logo to visit their site where you can get more info on facilities, comps, and how to join information. Located in Derby just of the A38

01623 453055
P.O. BOX 6373,
NG17 4PE

Mansfield & District Club


Copper Beeches Shooting Ground,
Cuckney Road,
Nether Langwith,
NG20 9JQ,
Phone: 07970 982546


Cockett Farm Shooting Ground
Cockett Lane
NG22 8JQ
call : 01623 882244
email :

Copper Beeches clay shoot

Cocketts Farm


North Cotes Butts

(North Cotes - Grimsby)

North Cotes Butts Shooting Club has is a great attraction for all levels of shooting. We cater for all ages and experience. If you would like to get into shooting wether it be Clay Pigeon, Airifle, Smallbore, Fullbore etc we can help you.
Here is a list of clubs we recommend that are friendly and fun unlike a few we have visited and can say we will not be visiting again.


The Boar Clay Shooting Ground
Paper Mill, Crowden, Glossop,
SK13 1JB.
Telephone: 07724 193382


Mandel & Usworth clay ground

Contact : Mike 07828163897

Mandel & Usworth

Boar Rifle & Clay Ground


Phoenix Range

Phoenix Range has been built from the ground up from a bespoke design. Utilising modern technology to increase the comfort and experience of the shooter, Phoenix Range is the perfect place to enjoy our sport.

With a CCTV-surveilled member parking lot to the front and side of the building providing easy, worry-free access.

From carefully designed range ballistics to airflow and firing position, we are truly one of a kind.

01226 447212