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Welcome to our Obsolete calibers page all the firearms on this page are covered under section 58 which means anyone can own them and you can hang them on your wall. If you wish to shoot the guns you will need an FAC and need to put the gun onto your license as a section 1 firearm before you shoot it. However we are selling the firearms as section 58 only obsolete caliber so you shoot them at your own risk.


Antique English P1887 Mk3 Martini Henry Sword Bayonet by Wilkinson Sword for the Mk IV Rifle; the steel mounted hilt with chequered leather grip, Ordnance marked unfullered blade stamped Wilkinson Sword Company London, WD and Broad Arrow markings with Crown VR, in brass mounted leather scabbard. Minor dents and wear, Excellent Condition. OA 60cm, Bl 46cm

Antique English .577/450 cal Martini Henry Mk IV Long Lever Military Breech-Loading Rifles.

These superb military Mk IV rifles were officially adopted by the British Army in 1888 and supplied to many British colonial outposts.
Produced at Enfield in 1886/1887, they bear Crown VR and British Ordnance markings and dates, military stamped butts, 7-groove rifled barrels, long lever cocking action, complete with sling swivels and clearing rods.

Supplied by the British Government in 1906 to the Nepalese Army and stored for nearly 100 years in the Royal Armoury of the Lagan Silekhana Palace.

Excellent to Fine Condition with much blued finish and crisp bores. OA 126cm, Brl 84cm.
An Antique Obsolete Calibre - fully working – No Licence Required
Famous Zulu War Martini Henry Rifles MK2

Antique English .577/450 cal Martini Henry Mk 2 Military Breech-Loading Rifle.
A rare and fabulous lot of these important and historic Military Rifles.
The first purpose designed breech-loading rifle to be adopted by the British Army.
It was trialled in 1871, adopted in 1874 and the Mk2 version introduced in 1877.
The rifle became an historic legend due to its performance in the Zulu Wars of 1879 specifically at Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana.

These are 1870s dated examples by Enfield and BSA, they have 7-groove rifled barrels stamped with British Military Proof and Ordnance markings; the action with Crown VR markings and date; the butts with military stamps, complete with sling swivels and steel clearing rod.
They take both sword and socket bayonets.

They were part of a consignment of 8000 Rifles supplied by the British to the Nepalese Army in 1894.
They were stored in the Lagan Silekhana Palace Armoury, greased-up, unused and untouched for more than 100 years.
Excellent Condition with blued finish and crisp clean bores. OA 126cm, Brl 84cm
An Antique Obsolete Calibre, fully working – No Licence Required



Reproduction soft white leather slings for the Martini Henry



Bertram .577/450 cases (price is per case)

Bertram .577 Cases (price per case)


What happens when we get your order ?

We have a large number or Mk2 and Mk4 rifles they are still in packing and grease when you place your order we remove one from storage and clean the rifle up removing all the grease and packing material, we then inspect the rifle for damage and mechanical workings along with the bore with an expert armorer once the rifle has passed we ship the gun out to your home address. If the gun does not pass inspection for any reason we select another and start the process again. This normally only takes a few days and you have you rifle within a week of ordering. If you are un happy with your rifle we can exchange it for another but this does incur a re stock and exchange free. Please bear in mind the guns are 130-140 years old.

It is almost impossible for us to take photos of the guns before we ship them as this means cleaning the guns up and inspecting them and all this takes time making it not economically viable to do so however all the guns are of the same quality and high standard, we have 1 on display in our shop for your inspection if you wish to see an example before ordering.


.468 480gr Mould for Martini Henry


Lee 3 Die set .577/450 or .577 on 14x12 thread

you will need the classic press with no bushing

to accept this over sized die


Replica Pith Helmet as worn by the soldiers who operated the Martini Henry Rifles - once size fits all



Enfield Martini Henry .577/450 MK4



Wall hooks for rifles - solid brass



The Cookie Cutter - This hand made in Sheffield tool is used for cutting the bullets out of wax when pan lubing them, simply push down on the bullet head and the tool will cut it out after 3 heads are cut they will pop out of the top of the handle. She is made from a solid brass bar for strength with an inward taper to push the wax around the bullet and a workman's handle with steel support this is a high quality tool made custom for the job



Ammunition boxes to hold Martini Henry Rounds  577/450 or Snider .577 Holds 25 rounds (green)



Lyman case trimmer (for large cases like the 577/450)


Enfield Martini Henry .577/450 Inert Rounds (anyone can own)

These are very high end Inert rounds made from high quality Bertram cases fitted with inert primers, the bullet head is a precise replica of the original bullet head 480gr cast by me and mixed to the correct hardness (11BHN)



Antique English P1876 Martini Socket Bayonets The long socket bayonet for the Mk2 Martini Henry. Triangular blade with WD and Ordnance marking, locking ring on socket, complete with original brass mounted leather scabbard (some stitching wear).
Excellent Condition. Exported together with the rifles from the Royal Nepalese Armoury. OA 62cm, Bl 54cm

Custom Made Sizer Die /  Lube Scraper Die

Made from solid brass with a taper and polished designed to re size slightly over sized bullets and scrape off excess wax from the sipping process. Made in .575 and .600 sizes or can be costume made for you



Martini Henry Bullet Heads .468 480gr (soft alloy lead) x 100