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Welcome to our NEW ruger page, we had tried to list every gun and accessory on this page but found with the ever changing stock listing and ever changing dollar rate it was impossible to keep the web site up-to date so we have opted to put a link to the ruger web site where you can see all there latest offerings, all you need to do is click the logo below have a look and call us about the item your interested in

we keep most items in stock here in the uk or if it is a special order item from the USA we can get it here to the uk in an orderly time .


BX-1 mags £28

Bx-25 mags £38

BX-25x2 mags £70



For more ruger parts and upgrades please see our gun parts and upgrades page




BX-25x2 £70


 <------- Click for more info, this is now

available in .223, .243, 6.5cm and .308

Ruger Muzzle brake now in stock £100