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Welcome to our new shotgun zone, we tried to keep this page up to date with models and prices but found it was almost impossible to do with the changing ranges and prices, so instead we have decided to put simple logos of the manufacturers we are working with.

All you have to do is click the logo and visit there site pick the gun your interested in and let us know the make and model we will get you a price and let you know about any deals the manufacturer might have that a stockist wont be doing :)

Please click the shotgun logos for more info and tech data.


Please click the shotgun logos for more info and tech data.


Bora Arms Barak BR 99 12g mag fed shotgun (sec 1) £499

comes with 2 x 5 shot mags
extra 10 shot mags £45

The superb Bora Arms BR99 is a magazine fed 12 gauge shot gun. Supplied with 5 shot mag. Designed for tactical use it sports picatiny rails and swivels fitted as standard. Weight: 3.5Kg


Benelli Semi Auto shotgun safety flag - fits all Semi Auto shotguns a must have for clay grounds and shooting clubs just £6.50 each

Simply squeeze the to sides together and place inside the shotgun action to show clear - fits 12g