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This page is all about "Spare Parts upgrades & Stocks" we can get our hands on most spare parts & stocks for most firearms, please let us know what your after and we will be happy to get a price for you. Below is a list of parts and stocks we currently have in stock ...

We carry a large amount of Ruger / Remington parts and spares as these firearms are very popular in the UK and very customizable, if you cant see what your after please get in touch.


Ruger 1022 Stock Barrel Bands, Silver or Black.

£15.00 each

Power Custom  Firing Pin

A2 Steel


Power Custom Match Ejector Set

A2 Steel


Power Custom Match Hammer & Sear Kit.


£50 - fitting

Ruger 1022 Match Recoil Buffer.


Ruger 1022e extended mag release (synthetic)


Power Custom Receiver Scope Mounts.

Std £25.00

Part Description


 Hammer & Sear Kit
 Competition Hammer
A2 Steel Extractor £25.00
ABR Automatic Bolt Release
Extended Mag Release
 Extended Bolt Handle Assembly
Firing Pin A2 steel
Std Receiver Mount
Target Trigger Aluminum (Black)
Ambidextrous Safety
 Stainless Steel guide Rod
Match Buffer (Gel)
Muzzle Break - B/S
Trigger pin set
Match extended mag release

We are stockists of Power Custom Ruger Spares and Accessories.

Power Custom Match Trigger.


Action Proving Dummy Rounds .22

Test the action of your Ruger



Ruger 1022 Take Down Screws

Power Custom  Hex Head with allen key (stainless) £12.00

Muzzle Break 1/2x20 UNF
.17 / .22 RF



CZ / Bruno 452 & 455 Trigger Upgrade Kits

CZ trigger kits just £18.50, these kits give you a match grade trigger at a very very low price easy to install takes about 20 minutes to fit, giving you a full adjustable trigger as low at 1.5lb for the cz 452 and 455
Volquartsen Carbon Wrap
Match Barrel 16" or 12.5" £350
Standard factory Barrel £150

Power Custom Match Hammer Kit


£25 - fitting


Ruger V Clamp & Hex Screws




Ruger 77/22 10/22 10 shot mags



Ruger 1022 Ejector

Steel £15.00

Ruger 1022 Zepher Sight System
Black / Silver


Ruger 1022 bx-25 Banana mags


BX-15 mags £32.00

Ruger 1022 eagle mags

10 shot each

£25.00 x 2

Power Custom extended Bolt Release.



Ruger BX-1 mag joiner

joins 2 x bx1 mags together


CZ Spare Parts :

Bolt Handle          £80

Firing Pin             £55

Thread Protector  £15

Trigger Kits          £18.50

Extractor Claw     £15

Extractor Band     £12

The SS Evolution® Ruger® 10/22® Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock

This new lightweight drop-in from Boyds' is the first truly ambidextrous thumbhole stock and one that is sure to turn heads. For all its futuristic looks, however, the SS Evolution® is a purely functional stock. The grip angle allows the hand to assume the most natural position, and the palm swell on either side provides the most comfortable grip possible. Also, there is no forend contact with the barrel, so this stock will accept all barrel contours whether lightweight, sporter, or varmint weight .






Royal Jacaranda


Forest Cammo


Power Custom stainless guide rod





Tactical Khaki

Ruger Accessories


ABR Auto Bolt Release

( black / Silver)


Power cutom Match extended Mag Release lever

(Silver or Black)



Timny Drop in match trigger unit

2.5 lbs 1022

New Hammer kit 597 £60

Eagle 30 RND mags £30.00


Destroyer Grey



Timny Drop in match trigger unit

various firearms available
£80.00 - £200


Ruger 1022 bx-25x2 Banana mags


Tactical Black




Remington 700 Parts

Also available for Howa 1500


Replacment Match Aluminium / Steel tip Firing Pin reduced lock time 39% £85.00 / £15 fitting

Replacement Main Spring

 £20.00 / £15.00 fitting

Replacement Extractor

Small / Large


£30.00 / £5.00 fitting


Replacment Ejector


Fitting £15.00

Replacment Ejector Spring


Fitting £15.00


Replacment Ejector Pin


Fitting £5.00




Fitting prices :


Depending on the part the fitting charge will cover all the parts needed, please be aware specialist tools are required to replace most of these parts




Please see our Accuracy International page for a list

or Ai stocks for the Remington 700 rifles


Rifle Basix Trigger + safety

Match l-1k 8 - 24Oz  £120

Click pic for install video



ATI Tactical -

AR22 - 6 / 8 sided

Replacment Factory Steel

Firing Pin £20.00

Fitting £15.00


Replacement cocking peace


Fitting £5.00


Replacement bottom metal

with mag box , follower and plate + screws



Replacement bolt stop spring

left / right hand



Remington 700 Replacement Stocks offers





We have a small number of genuine Remington 700 synthetic and Laminate / hogue  stocks for sale, these are new stocks taken from new guns both come with sling or bipod mounting points and will fit most remington 700 rifles from the skinny to the bull / varmint barrel. The metal work is an extra £100 this includes the trigger guard floor plate follower and guide box + screws

Muzzle Break 1/2x20 UNF
.17 / .22 RF


Accu Shot Rear Monopod
(attaches to rear sling nipple)


Benelli Semi Auto shotgun safety flag - fits all Semi Auto shotguns a must have for clay grounds and shooting clubs just £6.50 each

Simply squeeze the to sides together and place inside the shotgun action to show clear - fits 12g


Remington 700 Magazine conversion kit
for your SA or LA rifle

SA Mags £60  La Mags £80

Conversion kit £60

We have had some extra large gun sox made to protect your guns in your cab or during transport that will fit any shotgun and most rifles with scopes on they are 6" by 45" un stretched and have so far fit them over an 11" wide rifle with scope on and they still have room to stretch. These are very high quality extra thick sox at a fantastic price grab one now or come in store and try one out £8 each

Ruger Bx Trigger

2.5 lbs 1022