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Welcome my friends to my new straight-pull page, here we aim to bring you some of the worlds most historic firearms, but due to uk laws these are all in straight-pull or MLR

(manual lever release).

Below are some very interesting and sexy firearms i think you will find of interest, most are made from original un issued parts apart from the barrels which are new Walther match barrels. These guns are all section 1 firearms and have been inspected and passed as such by British authorities.

I personally have an M1 and M14 and the accuracy is amazing with factory ammo im getting 1 inch group at 100m with open battle sight and that was on my 1st shoot so i really like them :)

Most of the rifles are on a 6-8 week lead time from point of order, this is a build time and or shipping time



The US Rifle M1 "Garand"- arguably the rifle that won the Second World War (...or saved the world according to America!!), the Garand is undeniably the most iconic rifle to come out of WW II. Oh and yes on the last round they go PING... :) as the eject the en block clip


The LDT M14 is NEWLY MANUFACTURED from original USGI blueprints to better than mil-specs. Forged receivers and Lothar Walther precision barrels and high quality CNC milled walnut stocks result in an outstanding rifle.

On target accuracy GUARANTEED!

En-Block Clips :

8 shot £4.00

S.L.E.D £20

Trigger Job £85

The ultimate M14 stock!

LDT M14 or M14 SOCOM fitted with original U.S. Navy Seals M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) tactical stock, with multi-rail – fore end, adjustable cheek pad & butt plate!


Legal Notice:

Where applicable and unless stated or implied, all rifles and carbines manufactured, supplied, distributed and/or sold by Valmont Firearms have been specifically and strictly manufactured as manual eject/manual reload repeating firearms to comply with the relevant sections of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended) and acquisition/possession falls under sections 1 and 33 et seq. of the Act. 

For the avoidance of any doubt with regard to the specific manual eject/manual reload repeating firearms, none of these specific firearms will have never been firearms that have ever fallen under section 5 of the Act in any case. 


Recommended M14 upgrades

Stainless Steel 20 shot mag

with Teflon follower £poa

Bolt lug Greases


 National Match Guide rod


Chrome spring set


Please note these parts are

mostly in stock in my USA warehouse

so will incur a extra delivery charge


Me with my personal M1 30-06